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Location£ºCorporation Law
Shanghai Vision & Solutions Legal Consulting Co. Ltd. has a rich experience in the field of Corporation Law. Our legal services cover all aspects of Corporation Law.

1¡¢Investment structure planning and conducting related due diligence;

2¡¢Incorporation of equity joint ventures, contractual joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises;

3¡¢Enterprises¡¯ industrial and commercial registration information changes (adding business scope, increasing registered capital, etc.);

4¡¢Registration and filing documents with related government agencies;

5¡¢Continuous legal services for enterprises;

6¡¢Restructuring and liquidation;

7¡¢Acquisition of assets and equity;

8¡¢Registration, Extension, Transfer, License, and Objection to the Trademark;

9¡¢Participating in feasibility studies and project negotiation;

10¡¢Contacting third parties at the request of clients£»

11¡¢Making information requests to the Administration of Industry and Commerce;

12¡¢Issuing legal consulting letters for specific projects;

13¡¢Claiming indemnity and collecting debts from relevant companies or persons; and

14¡¢Assisting with the notarisation process.