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Location£ºContract Law
Shanghai Vision & Solutions Legal Consulting Co. Ltd. (VSN) provides analysis and explanation of contract law, regulations, and judicial interpretations to our clients. We also provide legal intelligence services. VSN can draft and revise legal documents on behalf of clients according to their business requirements. Legal documents provided include as follow:

1¡¢ Memorandum and letter of intent;

2¡¢Purchase/sales contract;

3¡¢Commission agreement;

4¡¢Real estate leasing/purchasing and sales contract;

5¡¢Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement;

6¡¢Distribution agreement;

7¡¢Equity interest transfer agreement;

8¡¢Agreement for international freight forwarding companies/cargo shipping contract;

9¡¢Exhibition contract;

10¡¢Logo / Trademark transfer / license agreement;

11¡¢Service agreement;

12¡¢Joint venture contract / investment cooperation agreement; and

13¡¢Any other type of contract.