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Shanghai Vision & Solutions Legal Consulting Co. Ltd. (VSN) conducts in-depth research of local labour laws and regulations, tracks the latest trends in labour law legislation, and is highly knowledgeable about actual human resource conditions in China. VSN has a rich experience in dealing with HR management issues and can provide the following legal services:

I、    Consulting Services

  1. Explanation of Chinese laws, regulations, and policies concerning China's Labor Law;
  2. Legal support for real cases in HR management, according to the specific features of each company; and
  3. Legal advice tailored to the requirements of clients.

II、   Text Drafting and Revising

  1. Any kind of labour contract;
  2. Labor dispatch agreement;
  3. Job position agreement;
  4. Employee handbook;
  5. Offer letter;
  6. Salary list;
  7. Training agreement;
  8. Confidentiality agreement;
  9. Non-competition agreement; and
  10. Other HR management documents.

III、 Daily HR Management Support

  1. Entry process management: Labor contract, offer letter, personal information confirmation form, notification of company rules and policies;
  2. Sick leave management: Sick leave rules, sick leave application form;
  3. Annual leave management: Annual leave rules, annual leave application form;
  4. Performance assessment management: Solutions to improve performance assessment systems;
  5. Dismissal process management: Dismissal procedure design, handover form; and
  6. Other project and system design.

IV、  Personnel Rearrangement During Corporate Reorganization

  1. Analysis report on the requirements regarding personnel rearrangement;
  2. Analysis report on the structure of the employees to be rearranged;
  3. Design report on the personnel rearrangement plan;
  4. Different versions of instruction files of the personnel rearrangement plan;
  5. Project for staff meeting;
  6. Documents for the termination of labour contracts; and
  7. Other relevant legal documents and consulting reports.

IV、  Training in Labour Law and HR Management

   1、Best options for employment modes;
   2、Handling dispatched or contracted labour;
   3、Innovation strategy for talent retention scheme;
   4、Legal guidelines for layoffs;
   5、Management of medical absence period;
   6、Analysis of work-related injury settlement;
   7、Redesign of salary system;
   8、Design and application of terms of discipline;
   9、Labor relationship management during M&A;
  10、Working hours system and overtime management;
  11、New system for period of leave;
  12、Confidentiality and non-competition system;
  13、Guidelines for foreigners employed in China; and
  14、Practice guidelines for enterprises to handle labour disputes.